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Are You Ready for a Change?

Hi – this is Jon Gabriel and thanks for your interest in Mind Body Weight Loss Summit.

If you need to lose 20, 40 or even 100lbs or more; and if you’ve tried and failed at dieting; I’m very happy you have found your way to this website.

Here’s the problem you’re probably experiencing now…

In your mind, you desperately want to be thin and you try everything—diets, exercises, pills and even deprivation—but your body fights back with cravings that are out of your control.

It’s as if your body wants to be fat.

If you’re experiencing this struggle now, the bad news is that it just gets worse and worse. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll most-likely continue to gain weight and your health will decline with each passing year.

But here’s the good news…

There is a solution. And it’s not like anything you’ve ever tried before. The approach that myself and all the experts in this summit teach is medically-backed, scientifically-sound, safe and natural.

This is the same approach I presented to The American Holistic Medical Association, and the same thing I taught in my best-selling book, The Gabriel Method.

This approach is currently used by medical doctors, therapists, and weight loss coaches all over the world.

And why is it so different?

First and foremost, there are no extreme diets or hardcore gym workouts involved. Overeating is a symptom, not the cause of your weight gain, and this mind-body approach focuses on bringing your body and mind back into balance.

We treat the root causes of the problem, and are then able to reestablish hormonal and emotional harmony within.

Over the past weeks, it’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to team up with some of the leading minds in holistic health to deliver to you the newest breakthroughs mind-body weight loss.

But since even before the summit began, hundreds of my subscribers requested that we record and archive the entire seminar, including class notes, so they could go back, listen and learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.

And many people wanted to share this summit with friends or family members.

It makes sense, and I totally understand.

In fact, I thought that was such a great idea, what we’ve done is put together a simple home study package to make it easy for you to own this year’s Summit forever.

The package is called the Mind Body Digital Pack and includes every single video lecture from Seminar along with complete transcribed notes so you can read, watch—or both—at your own convenience, in your own time.

The Sessions

JJ Virgin

The Sugar Impact

JJ Virgin is a good friend and has helped so many people kick the sugar habit. As a nutritionist to celebrities and to regular folks, she´s an incredible resource on how to make the switch to eating healthy for life.

Jonathan Bailor

The Calorie Myth

Jonathan Bailor has done years of research proving that the diet-industry´s calories in/calories out paradigm is a fallacy. He´ll explain what you do want to put in your body, and why.

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Hormones and the Whole You

Dr. Sara Gottfried is an incredibly inspiring healthy leader. She practices medicine for the whole body, and she´ll help you understand hormonal health./p>

Dr. Amy Johnson

The Biology of Binge Eating

Dr. Amy Johnson is a talented psychologist, life coach, and author. She´ll offer fresh insights into the biology behind overeating that may surprise you.

The Caltons

Micronutrients and Mind-Body Health

The Caltons are passionate nutritionists, who teach the importance of eating micronutrient rich fook. Their own journey to health through nutrition is inspiring and I think you´ll find what they have to share very useful.

Carol Look

Gratefulness, Abundance and Healing

Carol Look is a gifted healer who uses energy psychology to help you focus on success and abundance while letting go of the past. Carol will teach you how to lose weight and attract abundance with Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping.

Donna Gates

Heal Your Digestion

Donna Gates is an expert on the inner ecosystem. Her wisdom on eating for gut health and improving your immunity, is top-notch.

Dawson Church

Energy Psychology and Tapping for Weight Loss

Dawson Church´s work is a true inspiration to me, particularly his book, The Genie in Your Genes. He´s an intuitive healer and his knowledge of energy psychology will help you achieve emotional breakthroughs.

Dr. Howard Liebowitz

Hormones and Weight

Dr. Howard Liebowitz is a good friend, and an expert in restoring hormonal balance, increasing vitality and longetivity. He´ll be sharing his wisdom about healthier hormones and decreasing stress.

Dr. Jennifer Landa

Aging with Passion

Dr. Jen Landa is an expert in the intersection of sex drive, energy and hormonal health. She will help you restore your spark!

Dr. David Perlmutter

Grain Brain

Dr. David Perlmutter wrote the incredible best seller Grain Brain, which opened so many people´s eyes to grain´s impact on our mind and body health. He´s got powerful information to share on why and how to shift away from bread.

Emily Fletcher

Meditation & Mindful Eating

Emily Fletcher is the most down-to-earth meditation teacher I know. You´ll love her easy to understand tips on how to integrate meditation into your life, how to de-stress, and how to enjoy food mindfully.

Yuri Elkaim

How to Eat for Energy

Yuri Elkaim is a health and fitness expert, “energy nutritionist”, and author. He´s got great tips to offer on how to improve your mind-body health, vitality and energy, with what you eat.

Eric Maisel

Free Your Creative Mind

Dr. Eric Maisel is a highly-regarded creativity coach and author. You´ll find your creative juices flowing after watching his session.

Frank Ferrante

Whole Life Transformation

The amazing Frank Ferrante will share with you his incredible transformation, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a 180-degree life transformation is possible at any age, for anyone. Frank will share what he’s learned specifically about forgiveness, self-love and gratitude. This is great stuff, and not enough people are talking about the emotional side to weight loss.

Ian Lawton

Redirect Negative Energy

Ian Lawton is a spiritual teacher and author who speaks on contemporary spirituality, technology and personal growth. His powerful suggestions on how to shift negative energy and access your own positivity will help you.

James Colquhoun

Real Food and Your Health

James Colquhoun is a passionate filmmaker, who created the documentaries Food Matters and Hungry for Change. He clarifies why eating ´real´ matters and how to get started.

Jena la Flamme

Pleasurable Weight Loss

Jena La Flamme discovered that pleasurable weight loss is indeed possible (and in my opinion preferable), and she’ll teach you how to get in tune with your body in a new and healthy way.

Jessica Ortner

Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

Jessica Ortner successfully used tapping to end her own cycles of dieting and binge-eating, and has helped so many others with this stress-reducing technique. She has great things to share about using tapping to increase your confidence and love your body.

Robert Peng

Qi Gong for Weight Loss

Robert is a master of the ancient art of Qi Gong, and has taught all over the world. He´s got great wisdom to share about how to shift energy, de-stress, and apply Qi Gong´s techniques specifically to weight loss.

Magdalena Wszelaki

Eating for Healthy Hormones

If you´re struggling with your thryoid or any hormonal issues, Magdalena Wszelaki is someone you should check out. She healed her own health and I´m sure can help you with any related issues you may be struggling with.

Marc David

Mind-Body Nutrition

Marc David´s focus is on the psychology of eating. He’ll teach you how to be empowered in your relationship with food and with your body, so you can gain confidence and positivity in all areas of nutrition.

Pilar Gerasimo

Being Healthy Is A Revolutionary Act

Pilar Gerasimo believes that being in a state of good health has actually become a revolutionary act. She´ll teach you how to unlearn the messages of the food marketing industry and how and why you should put your own health first.

Ross Bridgeford

Eat Alkaline Foods for Energy & Weight Loss

Ross Bridgeford is really on a mission to energize the world. I think you´ll appreciate his thoughts on eating an alkaline-rich diet to lose weight and feel good, too.

Tyler Tolman

Detox Your Life

Tyler Tolman leads intensive detoxes both in-person and online. He´s all about natural nutrition and cleanses that will give your body a fresh start.

Dr. Terry Wahls

Heal Yourself with Intensive Nutrition

Dr. Terry Wahls beat progressive MS using a protocol she created involving intensive nutrition and therapeutic lifestyle changes. You´ll learn a great deal from her incredible journey.

The Right Information is Crucial to Your Success…

As I’m sure you probably already noticed, there is a lot to learn—but there’s no need to get overwhelmed. One of the big benefits of owning this year’s Summit is you can go back, learn and listen at your own pace.

There is no rush, and no pressure to “get it” all in one go.

More than anything, these packages are designed for people who are fed up with fad diets and extreme exercise, and for those that are excited and ready to put into action the holistic, mind-body approaches we all teach and advocate.

This is a way for you to be able to learn at your own pace, share the program with family and friends, and hopefully make a huge transformation in your life.

Before I go… I’d just like to make sure to emphasize that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. Some people need to balance their stress, others are suffering from nutritional starvation, and for others still, a past trauma is keeping them stuck.

If there’s one prevailing message I want you to take from The Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit, it’s that your weight loss challenges are unique and complex, yes, but they are reversible. I’m living proof of this, and so are many of the experts in this very Summit.

Thanks for your interest, I hope to connect with you again very soon.

In health,
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#1 QiGong for Digestion

(online video lesson) – get instant access to this short, powerful QiGong movement series with master teacher, Simon Blow. Simon is based in Australia and is known around the world for his books and healing arts.

Digital Video – Instant Access


#2 Tapping for Stress Relief

(online audio lesson)– learn this highly-effective stress-relief tapping technique from Jessica Ortner from The Tapping Solution. Tapping is based on ancient Chinese meridian points and is an extremely powerful self-healing modality you can learn in minutes.

Audio Lesson – Instant Access


#3 Meditation for Weight Loss

(mp3 audio class) – Join Jon Gabriel for this 30-minute, guided meditation practice. More than just a seated practice, Jon helps you engage the power of visualization to create biochemical changes from within.

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#4 Get 7 Super Delicious Video Recipes

Join Jon Gabriel for 7 “how to” tutorial videos for super delicious, super nutritious foods that are out of this world. You’ll get immediate access to these videos as soon as you complete your order.

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What Summit Attendees Are Saying

“It’s all great stuff”

Wow, I have been so enjoying the summit. I can’t wait to get home to turn my computer on. It’s all great stuff. Thank you Jon for getting all those people on board, and for inspiring us. Love it!

–Susan G.

“Today’s lectures were amazing”

Today’s lectures were amazing and made sense, just need to apply it now. Thanks again for this amazing conference.

–Jenny M.

“The best information I have heard in my life”

Jon, you are a splendid person! The best information I have heard in my life, bar none! Finished listening to today’s sessions, fantastic! The information on the gut bacteria is amazing and so believable. After years of up and down weight, I can really see how this could be the problem.

–Jean B.

“Thank you so much for your contribution to our health!”

I can’t thank you enough for putting this summit together! I learned so much and more so realized I knew all along what I need to do to get and stay healthy. BIG takeaway: trust in myself! I especially love your perspective of “adding” to my diet the things that my body craves like leafy greens and whole natural foods and I love, love, love Jena la Flamme’s focus on doing what pleases you which leads to happiness which leads to less stress and eventually leads to optimum health. I have been listening to your night time meditation each evening for a while now and have incorporated the morning meditations also. I know this year is going to be amazing! Thank you so much for your contribution to our health!

–Freida H.

“Fantastic summit”

Jon you are a pro! As are the people that you chose to interview! Wow – fantastic summit! Thank you so very much!

–Debbie B.

“Thank you all so much for the advice and inspiration”

I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Learned so much. Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you all so much for the advice and inspiration.

–Pam C.

“The most energizing session I have ever watched”

OMG, watching you and Dr. Wahls speak is like a shot of wheat grass! The connection between your independently developed protocols is probably the most energizing session I have ever watched. “Blue Sky Thinking” (giving our food and ourselves the power of sunlight) is the way out of the physical, mental & emotional crisis the majority of the world lives in.

-Janis H.

“Very unique”

Very interesting, looking forward to tomorrow. I like this format, very unique!

–Martin W.

“Loads of great info”

Wow. What a great job, Jon. Thank you for sharing and bring together all these amazing people. Will be looking up and visiting all of them. Loads of great info. Thank you again.

 –Laura C.

“Thank you for all the information we have been given”

Loved the interviews with Robert Peng, and Dr. Wahis. Thank you once again for all the information we have been given. Love your work, love you for bringing this to us!

–Mary M.

“Opened up my mind to a different approach to weight loss”

Thank you so much Jon, for the whole Summit. Wonderful guests and information. It opened up my mind to a different approach to what weight loss really is. It’s all about conscious living. Jon, you are such an inspiration, I love your energy. Thank you again.”

–Wioleta W.

“Truly motivated and inspired by the information”

What a great series of speakers! I was able to listen to every single speaker and was truly motivated and inspired by the information and experiences they each shared. It is wonderful to hear people share their own stories and journeys to a healthier life, as it gives hope to those struggling. Thank you Jon for sharing this with me and everyone else who was able to participate. I hope we can continue to share such wonderful information, and our own journeys, as there is always more to learn.

–Andrea G.

“So many insights and new resources to lose weight”

Jon, thank you so much for providing this summit. I have learned so much here and gained so many insights and new resources to lose weight and changing my own personal paradigms that other areas of my life will be positively impacted as well. Thank you so much!

–Melody P.

“Their stories are amazing”

Another interesting day of speakers. There is so much information to absorb. Everyone is interesting in their fields, and their stories are amazing. Thanks Jon for the work you are doing.

–Pat G.

“You are changing every aspect of my life“

What an incredible week it has been with you Jon. You are changing every aspect of my life and I’m so excited for the next chapter of my life. Not just weight loss but changing my entire life. Thank you for your help – you are an incredible guide!

-Susan B.

“The sessions spoke to my heart”

I was blown away by this summit! It was stellar info and Jon you were In the zone! Jena’s and Dr Eric’s sessions spoke to my heart. Jena inspired me to stop the war against my “she-body”… and Dr. Eric gave me permission to have space in my day to not have to be so meaning focused. I SO needed this wisdom! Jon you blew me away! Thank you from my heart and soul!

–Gina H.

“Everyone had so much information to share”

Jon, cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this Summit. Everyone had so much information to share and have reinforced and verified so many conclusions that I had been starting to understand. Thank you for finding your way years ago so that you can lead us into finding better health. Stay healthy and thanks again.

–Pat G.

“I have already begun to make subtle changes in my outlook and behavior”

I have learned so much from you and your guests. I have anticipated each day’s speakers and enjoyed my time spent. Great format and you have a very nice conversational style of interviewing that has been very pleasurable. I’ve made copious notes and have already begun to make subtle changes in my outlook and behavior. I’m looking forward to learning much more from your site and many of the other participants with whom I felt a connection. Thank you.

–Susan W.

“So much meaningful content”

Oh my goodness, I LOVE what Dr. Maisel shared; so much meaningful content for reviewing our belief system, our mood vs. our goals, and having a strong sense of purpose. Thank you, Jon, again and again for all you have shared in this series and how you have made a difference!

–Paula K.

“Thanks again for this terrific summit”

I’ve been experimenting by adding leafy greens every day and have noticed remarkable improvements in just a few days – less cravings for sweets, grains, etc., and more energy. I’ve also noticed detox-headaches and Tyler Tolman’s interview was very helpful in explaining how that happens. More and more I’m seeing that your approach to add more nutrient-dense food leads to lasting weight loss – and to not struggle with sugar, junk food, et al – but just let them fall away naturally, just makes sense! Thanks again for this terrific summit, Jon!

–Marilyn H.

“Everything you talk about resonates with me deeply”

Thank you so much for this summit. I have found the guests informative and inspiring. I appreciate the way you clarify the big take home messages. I feel that through this multi modal approach of meditation, visualization and eating live food, I have been given the tools for success. I finally understand why my body was not able to use energy efficiently and how to support it now. I feel validated that stress can lead to weight gain and everything you talk about resonates with me deeply. Thank you from a grateful listener.

–Louise T.

“I was totally captivated by every session”

Thank you so much for this wonderful set of interviews. So much ground was covered in a very concise format. I have listened to each interview sometimes more than once. I love the shorter interview format yet so much was covered, between your engaging observations and questions, and your guests’ command of their topics, that I was totally captivated by every session. All of this material fits perfectly with my own research on achieving and maintaining optimum health, so thank you for all of this reinforcing and expanding material. And I feel like I got to know you a little better as well, since you were so candid in your interactions with your guests, which was a wonderful bonus. Looking forward to your future programs.

–Kathleen M.

“I’ve learned so much”

Wonderful speakers – I appreciate the way you make it conversational, Jon. I’ve learned so much about stress and it’s causes and the different kinds along with the paths of hormones. Am eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s videos!

– Carol B.

“Warm, kind hosting and excellent questions”

Thank you for all you share, Jon! Your warm, kind hosting and excellent questions make the guest speakers’ contributions even better! Can’t wait for the rest of the scheduled speakers.

–Paula K.

“I really learned so much”

I really learned so much today. I can’t wait till tomorrow’s videos. Thank you.

–Annabell K.

“I have learned some new things and have been reminded of some things I had forgotten”

Thank you, Jon. I have learned some new things and have been reminded of some things I had forgotten. Really like the conversational method of the summit too. You’ve nailed it! Looking forward to more!

–Mary Anne K.

“So informative and empowering”

Kudos! So informative and empowering. I learned so much and love the relaxed, conversational environment. I also really like the way that the mind, body, spirit is incorporated as each element is as important as the food we ingest… Excited to learn more. Thank you so much everyone!

–Summer S.

“Thank you for your wonderful gifts”

I am making the best use of the classes! Thank you for your wonderful gifts, Jon and team! I’ve been listening, attending and enjoying all those sessions that I find interesting and needed.

–Shakti S.

“Really enjoyed listening”

Really enjoyed listening to the health experts today! I especially thought Dr. Sarah’s message about the gut microbe and estrogen connection was something worth further investigating.

–Joann S.

“Wonderful information”

Thank you, Jon for providing this wonderful information to your audience. All the interviews have been very helpful.

–Debbie J.

“I am finding it all informative”

Thank you for doing this for us. I watched earlier and couldn’t wait to get back home to watch another one today. I am finding it all informative.

–Carol E.

“Amazing contribution to our health”

This summit looks amazing from the content on day 1 alone. I value the information presented. Keep up the amazing contribution to our health!


“I learned a lot”

Great information! I sure love the work you guys do. I learned a lot from this. Thank you.

–Mary M.

“Good reminders all the way around”

Enjoying the videos. Good reminders all the way around.

–Joyce F.

“Can’t wait to listen/watch more”

I just watched JJ’s and Sara’s webinars with you and just wanted to say THANK you! Can’t wait to listen/watch more.

–Kim G.

“Thanks for fueling my heart and soul and inspiration”

I was blown away by this entire summit and ending with these 2 speakers today was the perfect cherry on top! My heartfelt thanks Jon for fueling my heart and soul and inspiration with this cutting edge info! I’m your new #1 fan!

–Gina H.

“It has made a huge impact on my health journey”

Loved both speakers today, thank you for putting this together. It has made a huge impact on my health journey.

–Julie M.

“The best summit I have listened to”

This was, by far, the best summit I have listened to. Great speakers and I love your enthusiasm Jon!

–Lisa B.

summit archives digital

payment methods

  • All 27 Summit video lectures available for instant access
  • Instant access to class notes in PDF format
  • QiGong for Digestion, Tapping for Stress Relief & Meditation for Weight Loss, Video Recipe Bonuses

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