Jena la Flamme

Jena la Flamme

Pleasurable Weight Loss

After a decade long struggle with emotional overeating and low self-esteem, Jena thought she’d hit rock bottom when she gained 20 pounds. Just as she began to think things couldn’t get any worse, she heard her body telling her: “listen to me!” Once she started to tune into her body’s voice, she adapted her food and lifestyle choices accordingly and her excess weight fell away.

Since then, Jena has made a commitment to dedicate her life to helping other women get the body of their dreams in healthy, lasting, pleasurable, natural ways through her workshops, products, teleclasses, webinars, online community and private coaching programs.

Jena has been featured in Glamour, Pilates Style and on the Discovery Health Channel. She is also the founder of the Jena Wellness Center in NYC, where she holds her private coaching and consultation sessions.

To learn more about Jena and her work, please visit her website.

Did you know… Jena has created a group of ‘Fast and Fragrant’ meals that the busy person can prepare at home?

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