Daniel J. Benor

Daniel Benor

Tapping for Weight Loss

Daniel J. Benor, M.D. is a holistic psychiatric psychotherapist who developed the amazingly successful WHEE method for self-healing for stress, cravings, weight loss and pains of all sorts – emotional and physical. Dr. Benor has taught experiential workshops for self–healing and lectured internationally for 25 years and appears internationally on radio and TV. He has authored many books and articles on holistic healing.

Dr. Benor is a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Founder and Past Coordinator of the Council for Healing, and for many years has been on the advisory boards of the journals, Explore, Subtle Energies (ISSSEEM), Alternative Therapies, and Frontier Sciences; and on the Advisory Council of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (ACEP).

He is Editor of the open access, peer reviewed International Journal of Healing and Caring

To learn more about Dr. Benor and his work please visit his website: Dr.Daniel Benor

Did you know… Dr. Benor wrote the book, 7 Minutes to Natural Pain Release?