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To The Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit 2015

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THE SUMMIT: this 2nd annual event includes expert classes from world-renown medical doctors, therapists, healers, nutritionists, and more

About the Summit

This unique event brings together some of the leading voices in mind-body wellness to address the most important topic in health today: weight loss. Your contacts will love you for sharing with them all the valuable resources offered free during this multi-week, online event, and a significant percentage will quickly turn into paying customers, purchasing physical or digital archives of the event, along with any number of other products.

Earn 50% Commissions – Now & in the Future!

This Mind Body Weight Loss Summit is sponsored by The Gabriel Method, a leader in holistic weight loss with over 20 core products including physical and digital. Along with your $47-96 commissions earned on The Summit archives, you’ll also receive 25-50% commissions on everything your referred clients purchase.

  • Cookies are set for 1 full year for this and all our other physical and digital products in our store
  • You earn $47-96/sale for Summit Archives
  • You also earn 10-50% of each and every future sales – forever!
  • Your referred clients are hard coded to your affiliate account for 1 year
  • We are constantly releasing new and exciting programs, and you’ll be partnered with us
    for all those future products and programs as well

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In the spirit of fun competition, all affiliates will automatically be entered to win a number of really amazing affiliate prizes. Take a look!


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How it Works?

We have over 27 leading experts in mind-body wellness lined up to teach ultra-practical tools and approaches to losing weight naturally, sustainably, and without restrictive dieting or extreme exercise. On your end, here’s what you do…

  1. STEP 1: Invite your contacts to the online event!
  2. STEP 2: Your contacts will submit their email to “join the event”
  3. STEP 3: Your contacts will be “cookied” in our system so that client record is now your client, and you’ll get credit for all their purchases from our store
  4. STEP 4: Your contacts will get access to all our wonderful online seminars including 24hr access to the replays, they’ll fall in love with one or all of the expert presenters, and many will be very excited to own the complete Summit archives in MP3 format forever
  5. STEP 5: Get paid! 50% commissions…

Common Questions

Q How do we get paid?

A: You’ll be paid via paypal mass pay (usually means no fees to you)

Q When do we get paid?

A: All affiliates are paid on the 1st of each month for the previous month. Since this promotion is starting mid-January, you’ll likely get paid Feb 1st and March 1st, and possibly even April 1st as people will be making purchasing on-going, throughout.

Q Do you have a real affiliate manager to help?

A: Yup, we have an affiliate manager, and we’d love to help with any questions big or small. We’re h happy to create custom banners, work with your links, and even help with custom emails if needed.

Q What if I’m outside the USA?

A: Over half our partners are outside the USA, we are an international company – no problem!

Q What if I win a prize?

A: We’ll mail it directly to you or if you are outside the USA, we’ll send you the cash equivalent (via paypal).

Q Will you rent or sell my referred email contacts?

A: No, we have a very strict, no-spam policy. We never rent, sell or trade names with anyone. We treat all our clients like gold, and that’s why they are so loyal.

Q What about refunds?

A: Everything we sell has a 365-day refund policy, and our average refund rate is 2-4% depending on the product. Your list might have a slightly higher or slightly lower refund rate, but we’ve never seen any list refund higher than 9% because we take such good care of people. Refunds will be “clawed back” meaning netted out against current or future commissions, if you do get them.

Q If I email for you, will you email for me in the future?

A: We’re always happy to promote products and services that are in line with our brand and message, but while most people are interested in weight loss, not all weight loss people are interested in most things. So we’re unable to guarantee reciprocation, but we’re always actively looking for partners. So if you’ve got something you think is a good fit, we’d love to chat with you.

Q If the live broadcasts are free, why would anyone buy the archives?

A: I’m not sure, but they do. This free-to-paid archive model has been tried and tested in at least a dozen markets that I know of, and it’s highly successful. It’s the same reason people buy the DVDs of TV series and why people buy novels of blockbuster movies. Many people want to go at their own pace, take their time, and own the series themselves.

Q Do you use hard-selling tactics?

A: No, our business is focused on long-term customer experience, and our sales cycle reflects that. We don’t use or advocate hard-sell tactics, and really, there is no need. Good products stand on their own.

Q Is this just for super affiliates?

A: No, we love all our affiliates. We have partners with less than 1,000 contacts who do better than some of our partners with 10,000+ contacts, so we treat all our affiliates the same. We’re here to help, and no question is too novice or too easy.

Q But are there super affiliates involved?

A: Yes, we have half a dozen partners with 6-figure+ lists.