About the Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit

Join us for The Gabriel Method’s second annual Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit, a powerful event offering you real, practical tools to change your life. This series, like the Gabriel Method itself, is geared specifically toward those who have tried and failed at dieting and want to learn new strategies for success.

The Summit is a video series on mind-body weight loss, sharing a wealth of knowledge from renowned experts from around the world.

What is The Gabriel Method?

Chronic weight gain is often caused by physical, emotional, or environmental triggers that are confusing your body on a biological level. The Gabriel Method is a holistic approach to weight loss that can turn off your FAT programs and transform your body & life forever. No more diets, no calorie-counting or deprivation. The Gabriel Method addresses the real problems using visualization, focusing on holistic health and nourishing your body.

Jon GabrielJon Gabriel

In 2001 Jon Gabriel weighed 409 lbs. He’d tried almost every popular diet available without success. Not only did he fail to lose weight—he was steadily gaining it. Overweight, overworked and unhappy, Jon was ready to give up. Then on September 11th 2001, Jon received a wake-up call. He was scheduled to fly from Newark to San Francisco that day and it was only by chance that he was not on the United Airlines Flight 93 that was hijacked by terrorists and crashed in Pennsylvania with no survivors.

Jon realized that life was a precious opportunity not to be wasted. He realized that his weight would eventually kill him and decided to do something about it. Over the next two and a half years, Jon lost over 100 kilos (226 pounds) without dieting, pills or surgery. He also stopped feeling stressed and overworked and started living the life of his dreams.

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How to Take Part in the Summit

The Summit is made up of 27+ sessions of up to one hour.

It’s easy to listen in! Once you join the summit, you will receive log-in details to the Summit website. You´ll be able to watch the event of your choice via the internet.